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The Ecom Big Bang 2022
How to strengthen brand loyalty through authentic customer experience
Consumers are now more loyal than ever to their favorite brands. They want their clothing, their technology, their living spaces and their wellness products to be a reflection and an extension of themselves.

Join panelists from Pai Skincare, Condé Nast and as they discuss why brand loyalty is at the center of their retail strategy and how authenticity is what steers customer experiences.
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Key takeaways:

A continuous presence in customers’ lives, provided by constant, interactive, human and entertaining Live Video Shopping streams helps brands foster stronger relationships.
Having influencers collaborate in all aspects of a brand’s business, not just hosting Live Video Shopping shows, is vital to ensure brands are perceived as unquestionably genuine. It can also garner more content to be repurposed.
Asking customers what they want to see and experience in future livestreams is an honest and conversational way to ensure content is relevant and engaging.
Hosting live commerce on your own ecosystem provides the missing link for nurturing brand loyalty, as opposed to hosting them and relying on external social platforms.


Rosalind Brabner bamtalks london

Rosalind Brabner

Head of Ecommerce, Pai Skincare
Rosalind has worked in ecom for 12 years and is currently responsible for Pai’s entire D2C revenue and spend.

Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping solution aligns perfectly with her vision for the brand’s digital roadmap, advertising, customer service and consultation offerings.
Lauren Spearman bamtalks london

Lauren Spearman

Head of Consumer Comms & Social,
Lauren leads’s global consumer PR, advocacy and social teams from the London Head Quarters.

She has over 14 years of experience in digital and consumer marketing, working and strategizing with brands such as Sky Media, Netmums and Benefit Cosmetics.
Anna Anderson - bamtalks london

Anna Anderson

Director of Influencer Marketing, Condé Nast
Anna oversees all influencer-led content for Condé Nast and has delivered multiple $10+ million campaigns for world leading brands.  

She leads four global teams and works across all publications and markets, where she creates cutting-edge influencer-led campaigns for advertisers.


Cesar Bravo de Rueda Sandoval bamtalks london

Cesar Bravo de Rueda Sandoval

VP Global Partnerships, Bambuser
Cesar is the VP Global Partnerships at Bambuser and will act as a co-host for our London event.

He leads on clients such Samsung and Salesforce. As an ex-university lecturer, he’s adept at leading discussions and articulating his knowledge on how brands and services can work together.
Casey Bitzberger bamtalks london

Casey Bitzberger

Senior Project Manager, Relatable
Casey is a Senior Project Manager in the Relatable team and the co-host for our London event.

She has a demonstrated history of managing successful campaigns with esteemed brands such as Harrods, Victoria’s Secret and Adobe.
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What is The Ecom Big Bang 2022? 

This October, we’re co-hosting a three-part webinar series with global influencer marketing specialists, Relatable. 

We’ll be going live with three interactive and inspirational talks in Stockholm, London and New York. We’ll be sharing insights we’ve collected around ecommerce sales conversion, engagement and brand loyalty in time for you to take advantage of the Q4 boom, as well as getting you ahead of the game for 2022 and beyond.

Watch, engage and learn from a panel of prestigious brands as they share their Live Video Shopping successes.

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