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9 min
avg. viewing time
(3x more than traditonal ecom)
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avg. chat engagement

Meet our CEO on stage

A Bambuser keynote on the LVMH Apartment stage
Thursday 16 June

Bambuser’s CEO, Maryam Ghahremani will take the stage to give you a glimpse into the future of retail.

Maryam will deliver an unmissable keynote, detailing how One-to-One and One-to-Many (Bambuser’s world-leading Live Video Shopping solutions) empower brands to sell more and nurture genuine brand loyalty on their native sites.

This is your chance to discover how LVMH’s Maisons are leveraging these solutions to change how people shop online across the globe.

LVMH x Bambuser:
An Innovative Partnership

Dior, Bambuser and the metaverse.
Thursday 16 June

First, at 10:00am our Head of Americas Sophie Abrahamsson will step onto the Innovation Award Ceremony stage to guide audiences through the heights Bambuser and LVMH have achieved together.

She will be joined by LVMH’s CIO Franck Le Moaland and Open Innovation Director Laëtitia Roche-Grenet.

At 1:00pm the main event begins.

Sophie will step into the metaverse to meet Livi – a virtual influencer and LVMH's new Face of Innovation – to explore Bambuser’s unique and accomplished partnership with Dior.

Sophie will again be joined by Laëtitia, as well as LVMH’s Digital and Tech Partnership Director Olivier Le Garlantezec and Dior’s Couture Ecommerce Project Manager Bouguerra Oussama.

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Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping solutions

One-to-Many & One-to-One create sales, engagement & brand loyalty

It’s 2022. The internet is video-first. So why are you are you relying on images and descriptions to sell your products?

Try Live Video Shopping today to bridge the gap between online and instore for your brand.

Join the succesful, future-facing brands leaving outdated ecom behind.
A powerful shopping experience with endless ecom possibilites
Give your customers the chance to drop into or book private, shoppable video calls with your staff.
Increase the likehood of sales by showcasing your products in much closer detail.
Nurture brand loyalty by making customers feel seen and heard and solve their queries and in a matter of mintues.
Host shoppable livestreams to an unlimited audience and host them on your site forever.
Launch products by going live, giving customers the chance to purchase before general release.
Achieve next level conversion and engagement with special livestream events hosted by in-house experts and famous faces

Stats that set us apart

Bambuser’s average
chat engagement
Bambuser's average
viewing time
15 %
Bambuser’s average
add-to-cart click rate

Additional benefits

Global coverage

Broadcast your brand worldwide with our industry-leading UI that speaks more than 35 languages.

Data and insights

Learn from Bambuser’s best clients by tapping into our knowledge base.

ADA compliance

Bambuser’s technology is ADA aproved and comes with caption capability as standard.
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